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Pig Menu

At PIG, we make everything from scratch using the freshest ingredients. From our sausages and jams to waffles and ham hash, it is all made fresh for you. Thanks to our local producers, including Daly's and local produce farmers.

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Menu available all day.

The Pig Specialties

  • chicken and waffles... house seasoning blend, fried boneless breast, premium maple syrup 10
  • waffle pick-n-fix... Belgian waffle topped with fresh fruit and your choice of two house toppings - choose from pineapple lemon curd, cinnamon cream, house jams, maple syrup 8
  • the pig breakfast with custom made sausage by chef frody... choose one: breakfast sausage, seasonal sausage, bacon or Heritage ham - served with two cage free eggs, cottage fries, toast 8
  • ham hash... Heritage ham, potatoes, peppers, onion, bacon, sunny egg, greens, lemon aioli 10
  • creole pork belly benedict... braised pork belly, two poached eggs, sour dough rounds, beans, kale, spicy creole sauce 12
  • biscuits and sausage gravy... scratch biscuits, herbed country gravy, crumbled breakfast sausage 9
  • chicken biscuits... scratch buttermilk biscuits, breaded chicken, smokey whole grain mustard chow chow 10
  • breakfast sandwich... choose from sausage, bacon, or ham - eggs, cheddar, sweet tomato jalapeño jam, split top bun 8
  • house granola... oats, walnuts, dried cranberries, coconut, fresh fruit, local milk or yogurt 6

Three-Egg Scrambles

...all scrambles are served with cage free eggs and cottage fries made with jalapeño, red pepper, onion, rosemary

  • mexican... tomato, onion, cilantro, cheddar, breakfast sausage, jalapeño cream 9
  • b & b... bacon, apples, candied walnuts, bleu cheese bechamel 8
  • kitchen sink... sausage, bacon, tomato, carmelized onions, peppers, kale, provolone, bloody mary salsa 9
  • vegetarian... no meat, extra veggies, provolone, bloody mary salsa 8

Sandwiches and Such

...all sandwiches are served with hand-cut fries, potato salad, or house baked beans. Substitute salad or fruit for 2.

  • chicken sandwich... your choice of grilled or fried with lemon aioli, green leaf, tomato, onion, split top bun 10
  • buffalo chicken sliders... bacon crusted chicken, house pickles, Franks Red Hot, bleu cheese crumbles on sour dough toast 9
  • fish n chips... house battered cod filet, tartar sauce, fries 11
  • the pig burger*... 1/3 lb angus ground beef, bacon onion jam, bleu cheese, green leaf, split top bun 9
  • plain jane*... 1/3 lb angus ground beef, choice of cheese, accoutrements, split top bun 8
  • pig's veggie love patty... house made veggie burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet tomato jalapeño jam, split top bun 8
  • pork belly "blt"... pork belly, green leaf, fried green tomato, and house made pimento cheese on toast (local goast cheese) 12
  • pulled pork sandwich... brown sugar and maple brined local pork, house pickles, spicy raw slaw, split top bun 10


  • pulled pork... green leaf, spicy slaw, diced tomato, onions, bacon, kale 12
  • 3 bean salad... black eyed peas, red beans, pickled green beans, kale, egg, tomato, bacon vinaigrette 10
  • curried chicken salad... curried chicken, fresh greens, cucumber, red peppers, green beans 10
  • cobb... green leaf, grilled chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato, egg, buttermilk peppercorn dressing 10
  • slaw salad... brussel sprouts, green cabbage, dried cranberries and kale, creamy red wine vinaigrette 10
    ... add grilled chicken for 2
  • side salad... shredded green leaf, cabbage, cucumber, onion, tomato, house made croutons 4

Bar Bites

  • pork n beans... braised local pork belly, house baked beans, green tomato relish 9
  • fried dill pickles... spicy house pickles, buttermilk peppercorn dressing 6
  • cider braised greens... local greens, garlic, shallots, butter, apple cider vinegar 5
  • fried green tomatoes... house buttermilk batter, s & p, sriracha aioli 7
  • half ham hash... Heritage pork, potatoes, onion, peppers, sunny egg, kale, lemon aioli 7


  • house baked beans 3
  • breakfast sausage (1 piece) 4
  • bacon (3 pieces) 4
  • ham (3 oz) 4
  • cage free egg 2
  • seasonal fresh fruit 4
  • yogurt 4
  • seasonal sausage market price
  • bloody mary salsa 1
  • sliced tomatoes (4 slices) 2
  • potato salad 3
  • toast 1
  • cottage fries 3
  • hand cut fries 4


  • cappuccino 4
  • latte 4
  • espresso 2
  • coffee (Charming Beard) 3
  • pot of hot tea (Tea Grotto) 4.5
  • iced tea 2.5
  • fresh-squeezed OJ 4
  • tomato juice 3
  • coke, diet coke, sprite 2.5
  • lemonade 2.5
  • local milk 2
  • milk substitute 3


  • beignets... puff pastry, powdered sugar, blueberry lavendar jam 5
  • pigberry shortcake... scratch made biscuit, fresh strawberries, strawberry coconut jam, whipped cream 5

*Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, lamb, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness.

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dining-awards-2013The PIG was honored to win "Best Comfort Food" at Salt Lake Magazine's 2013 Dining Awards.

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